Australian  Little Athletics (which includes every affiliated Association , Centre  and Club), provides Personal Accident Insurance cover for all registered  Little Athletes, officials and voluntary workers. This cover does not  extend to spectators.   

  • Cover  for athletes is effective when the athlete is engaged in Little  Athletics competitions and training (officially organised and sanctioned  by and under the control of the WALA or a Centre); when attending  social functions officially organised by and under the control of the  WALA or a Centre, and when traveling directly to and from, either of the  above. 
  • Cover  for officials and voluntary workers is effective when a volunteer or  official is actively involved in helping or officiating at a competition  conducted by WALA or a Centre and when traveling directly to and from  an activity conducted by WALA or a Centre. 
  • It  should be noted that anyone who suffers an injury or accident, who is on  the field but not officiating/helping, is not covered by this policy. 

The following details regarding Personal Accident Insurance should also be noted:   

  •  An excess of $50 applies to each injury 
  •  The policy is for reimbursement only. That is, the member must pay the account and then claim reimbursement. 
  •  The  policy does not cover the shortfall between the reimbursement by  Medicare and the total cost of the consultation. This shortfall is the  responsibility of the injured party. The Medical Benefits Section refers  to non-Medicare medical expenses such as ambulance, dental, private  hospital and surgical expenses not claimable from Medicare. 
  •  The  policy has limitations on the amount payable for any one injury claim.  If you would like to increase any of the benefits provided, then please  contact the Insurance Broker for the Scheme, Willis Australia Ltd on 02  9285 4111 or 1300 945 547. 
  •  Medical expenses will only be reimbursed by this policy if they are incurred within 52 weeks of the day of the injury. 

Details  of any injury sustained at Little Athletics should be reported  immediately to an executive member of your Centre, and complete the  injury form which must be forwarded to WALA, within 30 days of the  accident.