Additional Information

Each competitor must wear the correct  uniform from the commencement of the season. An athlete’s performance  will not be recorded if they are out of uniform.



Club shirts can be purchased from our  club at registration. Forrestfield Little Athletics Club colours are a  red and white club shirt, with black shorts. 


The athlete’s registration number must be  securely fastened (either sewn, hand tacked or pinned) to the  centre-front of the uniform top with the athlete’s name printed in the  space provided.

Age tags must be securely fastened (either sewn, hand  tacked or pinned) on the left-hand shoulder of the uniform top. 


The only permitted type of shorts are  plain black with a logo no greater than 5cm x 3cm. White lines on shorts  are not permitted. Stitching must be black in colour. Skins are not  allowed. 


Enclosed running shoes are to be worn in all events and training. While  there are athletics specific shoes available, we recommend to all  families that a normal pair of quality runners are sufficient.

Spikes are NOT to be worn to training. Athletes with spikes may bring  them to training or competition days and will be required to changing their shoes when needed.

Spikes are not to be  worn on competition days, rather carried to the start line. 

Athletes can be disqualified for unsafe use of spikes.

Shoes that are not capable of taking spikes are to be worn for under-7  to under-10 age groups for all events. In addition, shoes with spikes  are not permitted in the following

  • under-11 age group in the long jump, triple jump and high jump
  • under-12 age group in the long jump and triple jump
  • in all Track Relay events
  • in all events which are not run entirely in lanes

When spikes are allowed they must comply with the rules of the venue.

  • blanks put into shoes in place of spikes must not protrude below the surface of the shoe.
  • the maximum number of spikes per track shoe is seven (7).
  • Belmont Centre permits running and jumping shoe spikes up to 7mm

Further details about WA Little Athletics Spike Rules can be found HERE


Forrestfield athletes wishing to compete at Zone and State level compete  under our parent centre, Belmont Little Athletics Centre (BLAC). In  addition to wearing athlete numbers, the uniform requirements are a BLAC  shirt, colours purple and white, with black shorts.

Winter athletes compete under BLAC only and as such are required to compete in BLAC uniform.

Further information regarding the purchase of BLAC uniform can be made  through our Club Registrar flacregistrar@gmail.com or on any competition Saturday at Belmont.